Breaking Barriers: Expand your Brand into the Metaverse

Breaking Barriers: Expand your Brand into the Metaverse

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The project outlined a hypothetical retail space for a brand similar to lululemon. The project covers interior design, metaverse design and business strategies for the brand. There is a report (one including diagrams and the other with the same info but only written), and a 3D prototype of the metaverse created in Blender.

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This project is based on the Metaverse product's retail store. The project's goal is to create real space in virtual space. People can't move from one place to another to buy things at the current time, so they rely on online shopping, so my idea is to bring everything into one space using VR, and only the Metaverse product brand can do so. So, in my design, I chose a theme for the Metaverse store. My design concept is featurism through wayfinding, which makes it easy to understand people through virtual space, similar to a game.


Just imagine how your idea of studying at the university would change if it becomes possible for you to observe real historical events along with their heroes modeled by a neural network?

When Facebook changed its name to Meta, millions of people began wondering, "what is the metaverse?"

Put simply, it´s a virtual space where people can collaborate with one another and interact with places and things. It began gaining popularity amid the waves of COVID-19, meeting a need as the pandemic drew on. Today, it looks like the metaverse is set to become business as usual.

Expected to grow to USD 426.9 billion by 2027, the metaverse is a lucrative platform for brands to develop immersive experiences for consumers.

Gaming companies such as Epic Games and Roblox have already hosted virtual events, and clothing retail giants Gucci and Nike have launched interactive experiences of their own.

However, the metaverse serves businesses in ways thet go far beyond customer engagement - think job training, factory tours and transportation simulations - the list goes on.

The metaverse may seen like an interactive gaming experience at first glance, but this next-generation virtual environment is expanding to encompass work, social, leisure and even real estate opportunities.

As a new concept, its difficult to determine what consumers expect from metaverse interactions. Brands are bulding entirely new customer experiences from the ground up.

This is all very exciting for architects, designers and strategic minds that look beyond the traditional limits. 

In this competition, we want to see your creativity at its best. Imagine, without barriers, the virtual retail of the future, a 7-star metaverse hotel lobby, how an NFT exhibition would look like in a virtual museum room...Let the ideas flow.

We are aware of the time constraints that these designs require. So, we are launching this contest as something experimental for those brave designers who want to explore this new virtual reality without hesitation.

While entering this new realm way seem like a daunting task, trial and error is the best way to become familiar with this environment.

Join the competition and win a scholarship for our Diploma in Strategic Interior Design.

Winners of the competition BREAKING BARRIERS: Expand your Brand into the Metaverse will receive the following prizes:

First Prize
One (1) 1st Prize will be awarded, consisting of admission to the IE Diploma in Strategic Interior Design for the 2023 academic year and a scholarship covering 40% of the program tuition fees.

Second Prizes
Two (2) 2nd Prizes will be awarded consisting of admission to the IE Diploma in Strategic Interior Design for the 2023 academis year and a scholarship covering 20% of the program tuition fees.

There is no registration fee for the BREAKING BARRIERS: Expend your Brand into the Metaverse.

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