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Co - Ex.I.S.T - IWC1174

IWC - 1174
Architectural Association School of Architecture / gb United Kingdom
2 members
Laurens Paulmann
Natasha Rieffel

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Co – Ex.I.S.T introduces a concept that intrinsically merges wildlife with the human sphere. With this proposal we challenge the gap between humankind and nature by introducing a new scale that depicts levels of interaction. Designing a gradient that begins with the physical construct of the IWC, continuing to the intermediate step on the scale where humans come in direct contact with animals. The conceptual sphere reaches much further to interaction between fauna only.
The core of the project is the exchange center, where sharing and understanding of the life that lies beyond, can be discussed and taught. The center becomes the hub of interchange between the professionals and the tourists, eager to learn. Redefining the traditions of the Zulu Kraal, the visitor center creates a map of interaction, a blurred boundary between the human construct and nature’s inventions. As the architecture stretches beyond the exchange center, its density, invasion and presence becomes increasingly respectful towards the wild. The user of these parts of the proposal has the control of how much he or she engages, feeding their curiosity. The tourist is encouraged to take knowledge and understanding from the exchange center and move through a journey to the fully immersive frames, every step enriching their senses, abilities and respect for nature. The journey is enabled by the design, which leads the visitor to encounter the different aspects of the flora and fauna.
Co – Ex.I.S.T will allow its users to familiarize themselves with the wildlife and the importance of its continuity and preservation. Every step through the gradient, becoming closer to understanding the essence of our beginnings and promoting the idea that every creature has the right to live on this planet in dignified conditions.

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