Central Park Summer Pavilion

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Circling Nature

CPSP - 1819
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Ander Arregui Gonzalez
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Espacios Públicos

What means Central Park to the people who visit it? Tranquility, beauty, nature and silence in the middle of the chaotic New York City. For this reason, our proposal consists on reconnecting men with nature through a pavilion which becomes a journey that aims to change people who go across it, inviting them to perceive nature, to reflect and to feel the silence.

Due to this fact, we have chosen to locate our project between the Great Lawn and the Turtle Pond, contemplating the Belvedere Castle, a zone in Central Park designated for quiet uses that is already a place for rumination. The Pavilion, composed of a wooden structure that reaches a 1.500m² area on which people can perambulate through a four stages path, which represents the cycles of nature, the seasonal change of the year. Each of them have a different atmosphere and composition regarding to the activities that will be develop inside and are connected by a translucent wall made of wooden stripes which define the spaces.

The journey begins in front of the liveliness of the park with the summer pavilion. A wide open multi-use space allows a variety of activities, such as place for Food Trucks, coffee shops and casual exhibitions. Continuing the one way path, the next zone is the Autumn Pavilion, a space defined by a translucent cupola that creates a transition between outside and inside. As the autumn arrives and lay the leaves on the ground, this is a place to reflect, read and leave messages. So the year pass by and it's already winter, the season that makes people alone between their feelings and thoughts. The following Pavilion, the most inward looking zone, is formed by two circling spaces that look to an internal garden. Just like the season it represents this is a small place that houses a quiet library, for reading and resting. Finally, we arrive at the Spring Pavilion, a floating stage overlooking the Pond and Belvedere Castle with a wooden stripped filter to isolate it and generate shadow. Here you can relax on the water and meditation, yoga, tai chi chuan and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape. At the end, people will discover how to change their New York state of mind by getting inside the Circling Nature Pavilion and coming into balance at Central Park.

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