Outstanding Architecture and Design Final Degree Project Award

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Center for the prevention of physical, cognitive and emotional deterioration, associated with the elderly.

OA - 1079
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana / co Colombia
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Michelle Valentina Escobar

Project type:
Reforma Y Rehabilitación

This project was the result of a visible problem about the conditions in which the elderly population finds itself. Architecturally, an equipment was implanted this sinuously adapts to the topography through 3 rectangular volumes that flow in a zigzag manner and a volume that breaks with the morphology and generates a focal point, each one houses a program of uses that attends a level different human (physical, emotional and intellectual) focused on the needs of the population profile. Everything is integrated into a cultural block with the San Javier library park, CEDEZO and the community vegetable garden system.

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