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CaVA - 1362
Universidad Europea de Madrid / es Spain
3 members
Andrea Torres Íñiguez
Amdres Rebuelta
Jaime Rodríguez-Vigil

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We create a continuous walkway which connects the superior and the inferior of one of the steepest parts of the Grand Canyon, saving a height of 700 meters high. This proposal acts like a breach in the landscape.

Like one of Palazuelo’s paintings, this itinerary ramifies in crevices along the rock, where different parts of the program are arranged, maintaining the continuity of the path.

The motto is to leave a minimum trace in the landscape, and an ephimeral “vertical camping” is created along the strata. As a result, we propose a new vertigo experience in the Grand Canyon where travelers can walk around, stop by or spend the night.

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