Canyon View Accommodation

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CaVA - 1322
Holmesglen Institute (Advanced Diploma of Building Design, Architectural) / kr Korea, Republic of
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Jay Hong

To be a part of the mind blowing journey, the building seeks the best way to impress the visitors optimising the chance to expose them to the natural views. The optimised use of glass walls and open corridors induce the visitors to keep their eyes on the natural features. To properly translate the distinctive environment, the building wears characteristic features in awareness that it should be a part of the natural surroundings, and be able to use the genuine visual quality of the Grand Canyon. Each accommodation units are not only designed to be a functional and comfortable space to stay but also the organic pieces to create the building characteristics. These units are conjured up to create a circular bridge linking two communal buildings, providing good views from the both sides of the structure. The building encourages its visitors to join indoor / outdoor physical activities, having high quality of facility layouts and not missing an opportunity to keep the participants close to the nature. In terms of construction, column and structural shafts are reasonably located on grid lines and spanned enough to provide car parking spaces on the basement, whilst the wet areas are centred in the plan so that the construction will be able to easily change its size and adapt further suggestions.

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