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Architecture is an art that allows the users to experience a specific smell, sight, sound… a mixture of senses that wil give us a unique feeling in each space.
By creating these spaces, we tried to reach the point in which not only the project, but specially the landscape that surrounds it will give us that special and unique feeling.
We let the canyon´s mood determine our sensations and experiences through the project.
We want to set our project only during winter season. The first reason is that we take advantage of the season in which the tourism is in its lowest level, so that we créate a more exclusive and special experience.
With our intervention we tried not to alterate the amazing already existing landscape that the canyon has at first sight, but if we focus, we can find our translucent and homogeneous spaces that help the users to interact with the landscape.
As the best part of the area is the canyon itself, our project is focused on the visualization of it, through it. And provides an opportunity to admire the canyon day and night.
Our suspended units provide the means to sleep on them and function as observatories as well. Picnics will be waiting inside for people to have a lunch or dinner with the amazing and impresive views of the canyon.
The speed of the wind, the level of the colorado river… pre-existing facts that will complement our project and give the user a full sensation of the Grand Canyon.
The units are lifted by cables linked to the Canyon walls with a simple system of a pulley in each of the sides, that will allow us to choose the specific position in which we want our unit.
Best views, best temperature, swinging along the rivers mood… facts that will help each of the users to decide the best position of its unit. Dinamism will take an important place in the project.
Our intention is to maximize the bond between the people and the Grand Colorado Canyon.

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