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Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin / de Germany
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David Niedermeiser
Nico Gorsler

The project was designed to build a technologically advanced construction that creates a unique experience for its temporary residents and all its daily visitors. It is located within the Grand Canyon Village on a surface near by the Yavapai Point.
The selected area is connected with the existing infrastructure which is mainly the Grand Canyon Visitor Center, the railway station, some parking lots and the south rim trail. The proposed building is enclosed by a newly formed public square that is harmonized with its surroundings.

Two stairways on the outside of the building introduce the ascent to the rooftop as well as they create the main entrance for the indoor experience.
Inside the building a straight stairway leads to the lobby in the upper floor from where people have access to the restaurant, the garden and the accommodation zone.
The basement also proposes a wellness area for the public and for overnight guests.
Special features can be found at the rooftop of the building. There are places for relaxation, water basins, different lookouts, a glass bottom and the sky bar. Visitors can climb up the observation tower or go for a walk and enjoy the supplied facilities.

The draft can be seen as a joining of a horizontal and vertical volume that uses synergy effects. Especially for the construction the tower is absolutely required to hold the long ‘levitated’ footbridge. In addition the tower builds an entrance gate for the platform and offers two different outdoor decks with a 360° panorama view over the incredible landscape and the historic core of the Grand Canyon Village. The construction of the footbridge correlates with the design and the structure of a crane.

Although the suggested draft creates a dramatic architectural response to the fairytale landscape the project respects the quality of the existing environment. In comparison to its size it covers a relative small footprint and it relocates the ‘removed’ domestic flora into the building. The resulting garden is used for recreation, water management and cooling effects.

The planned construction forms a strong character and elegant landmark. It may become the international sign you are looking for.

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