Canyon View Accommodation

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CaVA - 1217
ETS Arquitectura de Sevilla / es Spain
3 members
Carlos Delgado Gallego
Ángel González Doce
Jose Romera Garcia

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Arquitecto - Carlos Delgado Gallego (Representante de Equipo)
Dirección de Imagen - José Romera ?
Concepto y Dirección de Estrategia - Ángel González Doce


We see this environment as a suitable place to again experience the entry of Man into a new psycho-emotional Paradise.

‘Inhabitation as Adventure’: an experience with oneself and with the world, in a territory which incites one to movement.

Primordial architecture as a single space, the protective envelope of the body. Born as an adjunct to the typical survival kit which every explorer takes to the Grand Canyon.

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