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CaVA - 1177
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba / ar Argentina
3 members
Christian Uriel Tejeda
Alen Gomez

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In the heart of nature.

Preserving the natural landscape, a new shelter network is carefully placed along the Grand Canyon. This network serves and enhances the existing activities and simultaneously provides new experiences and possibilities for landscape contemplation. Submerged deep into the cliff, Undercut Oasis offers a contained cave-like space that contrasts with the immense surrounding landscape and its weather hostilities. The striking effect of the Canyon’s imposing scale is emphasized by the use of the human scale reference.

The already existing activities are fundamental to the project and to the tour. By linking the activities through tunnels that allow the access to the different levels of the outside slopes, each shelter increases the possibilities of developing its own program and plays an active role among the existing trails.

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