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Lee Dong Uk

The Grand Canyon has a very large land area. I like to use the local story when designing.
It was my attention that it was a hidden cave of the Grand Canyon that looked at several stories.
Nobody knows if this is real, if the person on the Internet Kincaid actually exists, or if Kincade picture in my panel is true.
But I was thinking that it would be fun if there was a story about this cave when I saw this story and walked along the Colorado River to a canoe boat.
The shape of the building was designed like a fossil that fell asleep in a cave hidden away from the fossil of sea creatures piled up in the Grand Canyon, which was once the sea.I think it would be fun to have a place to stay in the middle of the Colorado River when I was lifting it.
When I thought about how I could solve this story, the concept of the panel was made in cartoon form, one of the famous things in America being dc, marvel comics

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