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-The height of the Grand Canyon is no longer an appealing or anew experience to people. The ‘SEK park’ has is a unique hotel because it allows people to experience exciting aspects of the Grand Canyon by exploring the depth inside of the Grand Canyon and their experiences can be altered depending on the ‘surface of the cliffs’ and ‘where the Ferris wheel takes them. Also by creating the ‘little canyon’ (a huge water place), it allows the visitors to enjoy the view and carry out their activities without being exhausted by the heat of the site.

The reason for this type of park style hotel idea being possible arrives from the “SEK” two-person cart idea.

-SEK (Sleepingcapsule - Electric cart - Kiosk)

Sleeping capsule : considering that people who tour the Grand Canyon tend to only stay at certain spots for a short period of time, the idea of temporary sleeping spots can be introduced. By doing this it can open other opportunities.

Electric cart : ‘South Rim’ being one the must visit tour spots where a lot of different “view points” exists is one of the harder places to visit (due to restrictions such as the limitation of tour buses and necessity of bringing their own cars). SEK’s electric cart uses the same system as the public bicycle system that allows the tourist to freely tour around the sites by using the “SEK parking lots” that are placed in multiple spots. Also the SEK is also connected with SEK park's Ferris wheel.

Kiosk : Every major view point will have an SEK Parking lot installed. SEK that are parked can be also used as an kiosk where they can find information about the weather, tourist information, and the reservation for theFerris wheel accomodation. The amount of sunlight in the Grand Canyon can be used as a source to charge the SEK parking lot and can be reserved as an electric energy source for the carts.

In conclusion, the SEK park can be used as a new method to connect the Grand Canyon and new paradigm of tourism. It can provide different views and ways of touring the Grand Canyon making the 'SEK park' a must-stop place.

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