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CaVA - 1161
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d' Architecture de Saint-Etienne / fr France
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Estelle Barriol
fanny bordes

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As a scientific section through the Grand Canyon, this sampling of landscape in the middle of the void, draws a new experience of the site. It is a manifesto of the immensity of the Nature. This architural gesture glorifies the practice more than the landscape.
It is an obervatory of millenaries of Natural History. Belong this project, a new lecture of the cliff becomes possible. Through different spatial sequencies, three architectural elements offer the possibility to interact with this landscape from different scales.

The natural amphiteater proposes a moment to be front to the cliff and to feel the superpostion of layers of life - a geological experience. Between horizontality and verticality, and by setting the body in motion, the bridge gives an overview of the heights of this landscape. This experimentation is a journey in the temporality of the stratification. Climbing the bridge is a poetic perspective where seconds for the Human are compared to millenaries of Geological Time. The tower is built as stratification of site concrete, and is sensed as a cavity. This Canyon rise is going from an exhibition to an observatory passing through dormitories, public baths and research ateliers. Along the river, a bivouac space expresses kayakers break.

Between the water and the plateau, there is no etablished schedule, no privileged direction. It is the Reflexivity of the Landscape. Beyond an hotel, this architectural section plays with the large landscape, the cliff and the water. Its a pretext to experiment the site from an original process which reinvents the movement in the Canyon and offers a physical and intense experience.

This architecture proposes a human scale in the landscape within 30meters large in the Canyon 450km long. This scientific sampling is necessary to understand the site, and to appreciate this immensity.

A journey in the Canyon, between the materials, the colors and the vastness.

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