Canyon View Accommodation

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CaVA - 1159
Universidad de Valladolid / es Spain
2 members
Alejandro Domingo Leal
Daniel Cueto Mondéjar

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Grand Canyon as a natural structure. In it “The Fall” is born, the infrastructure, the element as an overlay to the existing, as a gradient veil of movement between the material and the intervention.
The Project is clearly defined through that gradation of spaces, from the superimposed element to the excavated one, the shelter, which are in connection through the interrelated platforms of these spaces. It is here where there is a clear confrontation between the temporal and the permanent, the structure and the perforation.
Therefore, the intervention is developed as a system under the possibility of repetition troughout Grand Canyon through a minimal visual intervention, as a meeting and welcome point to all those true lovers of this excavated gorge.
The perception of scale is increased in “The Fall”.

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