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Eindhoven University of Technology / nl Netherlands
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Dario Sposini
Hanna Jurkowska
Kapilan Chandranesan
Matteo Basso

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Experiencing the Grand Canyon usually means kayaking and rafting through the Colorado River or overlooking the steep gorge from higher grounds.
Designed to shift the experience from horizontal to vertical, ASCENT aims to take the visitors and climbers through all layers of the ancient geologic formation completing the views missing between the base and the summit.

The facility is aimed at the climbers community and at general tourism offering a unique experience of one of the most famous world heritage sites.
Here the passion for vertical extreme sports encounters nature’s beauty through an architectural gesture that accommodates the program, integrates with the environment while celebrating human endeavours in the wild.

The centre hangs from the ridge, interacting with the layered rock wall through scattered volumes, framed by linear rammed earth sides and connected by catwalks. Cast shadows denounce the geometry while the materiality integrates the structure within the layered wall. Climbing happens between the slender rammed earth walls and the natural rock, through open routes that enable the ascent.

Accommodating a maximum of 45 overnight guests between the bedrooms, dormitory and hanging tents the facilities have the capability of receiving up to double that number of daytime guests.
The climbing, abseiling and sport activities find their peak in Spring and Fall when the climate allows the best experience. The restaurant, common rooms and bedrooms keep open hosting visitors year round.

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The ASCENT project is truly innovative, bringing a unique and exciting experience to visitors and climbers alike. The design is not only functional, but also beautifully integrated into the natural surroundings of the Grand Canyon. The use of rammed earth walls and catwalks create a stunning visual effect, complementing the rocky terrain. The hanging tents are a particularly intriguing feature, offering a new way to experience the wilderness. The facility's capacity to accommodate both overnight and daytime guests is impressive and ensures a broad appeal.

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