Canyon View Accommodation

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CaVA - 1094
University of Taubaté / br Brazil
2 members
Juliana Harumi Yamazi Sasaki
Manoel  Barros

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The hudge geological art of nature formation still a mistery for researchers and
visitors that don’t have a free path because of the relief.
Depending of cars only on the roads, bikes, rafting, horse riding, helicopters or tracks.
The Horseshoe bend is a relief originally by the stream of water that moved the land.
Nowadays is one of natural atraction for visitors on Grand Canyon - Arizona.

Arrive, stay, sit and see.
Photos to mark and remember that makes it live forever.
This is the proposal of Connect the Limit.

A place for visitors stay more than a few hours, connecting trough the other side giving
then another view to contemplate.
The principal building has 3 dynamical angled floors and connect with an extension for
all the tourist experiment the sensation of beeing even closer.

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