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Université Catholique de Louvain, Tournai, Belgique / fr France
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Antoine Pruvost

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The Grand Canyon is nothing more than the joint work of water and time. It is a unique and exclusive canyon in the world that continues to form and erode itself. Indeed, the Colorado River has been digging it´s bed in the rock for more than 7 million years, to form a vacuum more than 1.6km deep.

The idea of ​​the project is to centre itself at the historic beginning of the place. One settles where the river has begun its work and thus find themselves face to face with the temporal and physical immensity of its position.

The refuge takes the form of a rectangular volume consisting of a steel structure, whilst its interior is encompassed with delicate timber-work.
The steel structure floats in the center of the subtle frame-work that supports the volume on either side of the Canyon. The volume of the refuge acts as a pillar, and by putting its weight and tension on the skeletal cables, it is able to hold its position comfortably in line with the sharp horizon. These two structures balance each other.

The access to the refuge is made on either side of the canyon through the timber bridge, suspended from the cable structure. As one arrives to the timber bridge, the central core appears and corresponds to the main traffic of the refuge by allowing distribution to the reception, exhibition space, accommodation, social/living and studios. Thus, to the face taking place in the middle of the void that has been formed through the course of time.

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