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Universidad de Navarra / es Spain
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Javier  Senosiain
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We are in the Grand Canyon, a huge natural spot with more than 450 km long in the north of Arizona, USA. Apart from its long surface, it is distinctive for its great shapes, awesome colors and wonderful views, due to Colorado River’s erosion during millions of years, that's make human being looks small...

We really think the most authentic way to experience it, is to go through it, escaping from routine, contacting with nature, isolating from technology and its stress, discovering where your limits are, that is to say, living a great adventure.

In our opinion, we must maximize this experience, that's why we have raised several towers distributed along the Grand Canyon. They are strategically situated in order to be able to finish a journey, started wherever, in them. Users could go through the whole canyon stopping in our towers at night if they want to. Besides each tower has a warm light at the top whose role is to work as a lighthouse for hikers when light starts to decrease.

We base on a mixture between camping and a mountain shelter reinterpreting the distribution of spaces according to the shape of the inviting tower. Therefore, there are two main elements in the tower. Firstly, the stairs, that occupy the inner perimeter of the tower, which connect the basement, where the bathrooms are situated, with the top level, used as a gazer, where you can enjoy great views and plan your next journey. The central space is designed with nets, which allow a continued and illuminated space and offers an original way to rest, an experience users never forget.

Following the idea of offering a place, which fulfils minimal users’ needs, a key idea is that towers are self-managing. They hardly need maintenance, that´s why we have avoided elements, which call for daily care. We trust in the shroud of respect breathed in this natural atmosphere in order users to leave towers as they have found them.

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