Canyon View Accommodation

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CaVA - 1043
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) / es Spain
4 members
Carlos Vega Betancor
Alejandro Hernández Toledo
Carlos Santana Maldonado
Fernando Martínez Morell

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In the last scene of director Lawrence Kasdan's "Grand Canyon", the protagonists whose stories have intertwined definitely approach the edge of the Grand Canyon, the camera rises from behind suggesting the impossible comparison of their particular stories with the geological immensity of the geographical accident to which they are heading up... Grand Canyon poses problems of scale that are pertinent in any contemporary discourse on the landscape. Establishing the distance between the act of observing and being observed. Thus, in our project, both actions occur simultaneously, the proposed shelter is above all a double observatory: Taking part of the Canyon itself, and therefore it has been provided with two telescopic legs capable of altering the visual horizon from 3,00 m at landing position up to 4,80 m in the takeoff. As a photographic frame that rises itself, the observatory searchs for its own horizon of contemplation pulling away from the ground.

On the other hand, it is also an observatory of the various human actions that can be developed inside, exposed as a magic crystal box, it turns out to be a space for the privileged observation of domestic, educational, playful, erotic, meditation or simple contemplation. Establishing in that double look from inside to outside and from outside to inside a representation of the altered relation of the man inhabiting a natural space that startles. Or the shark frozen in time outside of its natural environment...

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