Viewpoint of the Fjords

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The project begins with the study of the Norwegian territory in the Geirangerfjord.
Investigating the area we recognize a different urbanization in the Northern region in comparison to the Southern one. The first one can be easily reached by pedestrian paths or roads, making natural areas with naturalistic interests accessible. The Southern region appears to be more uncontaminated, with only a few walkable paths. Therefore, we go deeper into the study of the existing ones that connect Homlung, Homlungsætra and Skageflå. These places are already connected to each other, while the neighboring areas are instead more isolated. So we decide to create new paths, expanding those who exist and incorporating the areas of Skagenobba and Nakkane. The choice of new paths originates from the will to integrate the rural farms, almost abandoned, as a rest and tourist information areas. The paths are accessible from both the land and the sea, by the landing of small boats near Skageflå.
The new viewpoint is a path that coats along the rocky profile of the fjord in a strategic place, that allows to observe the iconic sites of the fjord like the Seven Sister's waterfall. The result is an area able to preserves the natural characteristics and to create an even more intrinsic relationship between man and nature. The rock is worked in a natural way, creating sitting points, rest areas and foreshortenings from which visitors will be able observe the surrounding landscape.

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