Why should you trust your PR agency?

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04 de November 2020
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Look one thing we all should agree that an expert in the field is always going to be more aware of the subject than the other person. The point to be noted; it does not mean that whatever they say is always right. One of my PR coaches told me once, hiring a PR agency should be like a marriage. Like no marriage is completely cured of disputes, in the same way, no PR agency and brand engagement are perfect and without disputes. But the discussion and disputes in thought should bring best from both sides and, should happen under professional obligations.

I have seen many engagements with a brand, where the company always guides the PR agency. And, in my experience, whenever this happens, in most cases, the campaign is unsuccessful. The campaign is unsuccessful because it has lost the charm. The relationship and enthusiasm have lost charm.

PR agencies should also respect the brand and their point of view. Many PR agencies in Delhi make false promises to the overly ambitious brand. When the same deliverables are not being met then the trust s broken. So, here I would also urge PR agencies to not make such promises that are not possible.

We, as a consultant, are expert in the field of communications. We don’t just get coverages for the brand. We first create the strategy and chock down the plan in a PR agency. We understand the market well. As a PR consultant, it becomes our job to guide a brand in the right direction. We can’t mislead the brand. And brands should also trust us.

Our growth also depends upon the growth of the company that is engaged. Hence, a brand should keep faith and trust intact after hire PR agency.



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