Why Are You Not Able To Sell Your Product?

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29 de August 2020
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After the tiring day at work in a start-up, Ramesh asks himself, where am I going wrong? What is that more I can do? I have got a really good product, a great internal team, great service to the customer but I am not seeing any increase in the new customers. He is so frustrated with this situation. He called a meeting with his sales team and asks them about the problem. The sales team shares a problem citing a problem related to the low trust factor.

Ramesh asks them; until they try my product, how will they realize that it is a good product or bad product? Everybody is silent at this point. It was making Ramesh go berserk. He lost his cool and shouted at his marketing manager Ramandeep. He asked Ramandeep to find out a solution to this problem. The problem that was in front of them, but the answer seemed far fetched.

Ramandeep the marketing manager started thinking and he started searching online about building trust. He found many articles online about building the trust factor. There were a lot of ways that were suggested about building the trust factor. But, there was a particular article that made Ramandeep pretty exciting. It was about a trust barometer by Edelman.

Ramandeep started finding out finding more about the PR. His mind was blown after reading some of the case studies. He wanted to create some magic for this own company.

So, First Of All, let’s Understand How PR Can Create a Trust Factor?

PR is a third party credential building. Let’s understand this in a very simple term. When a brand name is mentioned in the media article that is not paid, automatically the readers start considering brand a big deal. Otherwise why a media house will mention your name in the article.

This Brings own to the second most important question.

Why Would The Media Talk About Your Brand?

The answer is again very simple. To create curiosity amongst media partners, a brand needs to follow some strategy.

Indeed, media people will not cover you. Think like this. Suppose you develop a product. Let’s say a mobile cover with an automatic charger. It charges a phone after a certain level of a drained battery.

Even though your product is needed in every household and for every human being. The simple reason behind it is you are keeping that product to yourself.

Until you make your product visible people will not be able to see it. And after making it visible, like placing in the store or maybe using a sales team to reach to your target customers, you need to build credentials in the market. To create faith and build credential one goes for the PR activities.

Let’s understand this with an example. Why do you think apple design is so famous. If you dig deep you will find, in every communication, in every strategy, apple spoke about design. Whatever interview of steve jobs you see he only spoke about two things, one is designed and another is user experience. Remember, when you see any apple advertisement its always design and user experience. Lately, they have been focusing on their camera quality as well.

So, to establish a trust factor a brand requires strategic communication that speaks the same language as the brand.

When Ramandeep found these answers he needed a roadmap for this own company as well. Ramandeep started looking for the PR agency that can help in building a strategy with a clear vision of the brand. Ramandeep got in touch with many PR agencies but could not find worth. ( Check our blog on how to choose a right pr agency)

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