Where are my kids? A mother’s nightmare into the wilds of Scotland

16 de May 2017
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From my trip Journal

Vacations are my favorite part of the year since I get to visit a new place each time. I did not break my travelling routine when I got married and had kids. Though with kids, travelling is a bit handful, albeit fun activity. I thought I was managing things well till my last visit to a vacation spot, Scotland.

Escaping into the wilds of Scotland after months of the same old routine between work and home, I thought I was finally at peace. With my tweens running around the lochside and into the woody trail around the mountains, we were in paradise. Reveling into the silence and wildlife beauty, I had completely forgotten about everything - literally everything.

After lingering and soaking up into the lake at Sandaig, I realized my kids weren’t there. Suddenly all the serenity around me subsided as the nausea hit me that I was completely along in that offshore island. The fear was welling up inside me as I frantically searched for my two sons. Running between the track leading down to the forest and calling out their names at shoreline, I was extremely panic-stricken. I called on both of their cellphones but they weren’t picking up. Being all alone in that overgrown and unspoilt spot, there was nothing for me to appreciate about the beauty of the place.

I had the number of the local police saved in my phone so I called them up for help. After an hour of searching into the dense forest, they found my sons sitting around a nest of a bird, playing with it. After the exertions I went through, I had to immediately call it a day and leave that stunning coastal setting for my hotel.

Keep a tracker when travelling with kids

You read the above story of a frenzied mom and I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to be in her place. Since kids tend to wander off frequently, how can you keep a track of them without the flurry of texts or calls?

Today, it is easier to find out about a person, thanks to the GPS-enabled services in smartphones. You must hold onto your hat as more innovative technology is there which can help you not only track a person but also ensure real-time monitoring. As augmented technology is taking over the smartphone industry, it is offering apps that can help you connect with your target through a spy app.

iPhone tracking software are increasingly popular among parents since kids mostly prefer an iPhone over any other phone. Whether you are travelling to a new country or visiting the regular hot spots, you can take the edge off by tracking your kids.

Is your kid at a local bar? Is he in some danger? All these worries can be easily worn off if you track their every movement. An iPhone tracking software is used in all Jailbreak and Non-Jailbreak phones. If your kid’s iPhone is Jailbroken, then you need to physically install the tracking app in their phone. However, if their iPhone is Non-Jailbroken, then only iCloud login credentials of your child are required. No installation is mandatory in this case.


A tracking software like Xnspy offers a real-time location of kids. It depicts the exact address of your child at a specific time. You can view the entire location history of your child and see their daily routine. You can keep a tab on your child by remotely eyeing them. All the location data is transferred from their iPhone to the parent device through the online console which provides updates about the kid.

Moreover, you can create a virtual barricade over your kids when visiting a vacation spot. Mark some places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ so that is your kid breaks off his territorial limits, you can receive instant alerts on your phone. Teens mostly like to spend their time separately than parents when travelling. Most of them don’t like the parental meddling into their affairs. In order to keep them safe and protected, an iPhone tracking software is a must.

Therefore, if your kids try to venture off or play hide and seek with you, you can effectively trace them via a tracking app. so your kid’s whereabouts will always be known to you. 



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The great your kids when visiting a vacation spot. Mark some places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe.
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