A wall made of Rubik cubes

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19 de March 2013
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85, 794 Rubik’s Cubes / Cubeworks

In the outskirts of Hong Kong a wall tile has been created with 84.794 Rubik cubes. This wall broke the existing World Records and entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The CubeWorks team has been working for months along with international teams to offer this marvellous construction. The wall tile is currently displayed in the Macao´s promenade.


A las afueras de Hong Kong se ha creado el mosaico que rompió todos los récords existentes a nivel mundial con 84.794 cubos de rubik, pasando a ser parte del libro de Records  Guinness. El equipo de CubeWorks ha trabajado durante meses con equipos internacionales para dar como resultado esta maravillosa obra. El mural se encuentra actualmente expuesto en el paseo marítimo de Macao.







Sourse: http://www.cubeworks.ca





Wow, this is really impressive and amazing, for sure they consumed hundreds of thousands of cubes just to complete the design as well as the enormous days of efforts to perfectly lay the designs they want. For sure, a replica of printed paper of this design is their reference.

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