The Truth About Public Relations!

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27 de August 2020
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PR is definitely not an advertisement.

There is a difference between speakingabout ourselves and someone else mentioning our name. When someone elsementions our name, it looks like they are impressed by our work or actions.Hence it builds credibility. Many people around the world confuse PR withadvertisements. If someone wants to understand PR, the person has to understandthe way entire communication and perception works. As a part of marketing PR isquite interesting and one of the most effective ways of communication.

Here I am going to mention 3 points that will show us that, what PR is not!

1. A PR agency is not paid media agency:

The best PR agency in Delhi does not work like a paid media agency. Many people when they are about to hire a public relations agency they expect guaranteed coverages in top media channels without sharing the real story or news. Here I would like to clear this air that whatever happens, we as a Best PR agency in Delhi, India does not act as a paid media partner.

We do provide media buying services aswell.

2. PR is just not about press release:

Many people who seek assistance from the Best PR agency in Delhi, mostly want only a press release. I would like to suggest something here, a PR exercise is just not about the Press release. It is more than that. Being one of the best PR agencies in India, we have done some tremendous jobs in developing successful client strategy.

Developing a clear strategy is the key tocommunication.

3.  A PR agency does not do anything apart from sharing information with the media:

A generic notion about PR agency in India is that we don’t do much work, we just share the information provided by the clients to the media people. Whereas it is not correct. We in a PR agency in India do more than that. We strategize the content, do the research work, do a lot of followup with the media, build relations with the media people, and whatnot.

Hence it is always advisable that before wego for the PR campaign, one should understand what exactly it is.