Step by Step Guide to Facebook Ads 2020

29 de March 2020
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Step by Step Guide to Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing, popularly known as Facebook Ads, is the best platform for marketing and generating leads at low cost. Some of Online Marketers believe that Facebook marketing is the best practice in PPC because If you are good in audience targeting and you have skills of excellent creativity, you can crack a bunch of leads.

A lot of Digital Marketers and Lead Specialists tend to use Facebook daily for generating queries and sales for their services & e-commerce business. But it is not always that easy to make better leads from Facebook ads. You have to be highly aware of all of Facebook tactics, latest updates or guidelines, and tricks, etc. So here I’m going to share my personal experiences with you, which have a few tricks and tactics.

Choosing Campaign Type:

Choosing a campaign is very easy, everyone knows how to do it but sometimes people select the wrong type of campaign in their ads. According to me before selecting any campaign think about your business or conversion goals. What are they? Example: If you are a service provider and have a service website I would advise you to go with these campaigns like Traffic, Conversion and, last but my favorite, Lead Generation (Lead Form). Another example could be this, if you are a product seller and are running a scenic e-commerce website, you can choose Conversion, Brand Awareness and Catalog Sales (Product Special).

Apart from the above, there are some other campaign’s which might be of great help to your business:

1.      App Installs: which helps you to increase the number of your mobile app downloads.

2.      Reach: If you have a viral content idea (Hello friends chai pee lo) or unique creativity skill you can viral your content with reach campaign.

3.      Video Views: Supposing you are a dance teacher posting dance tutorial videos, here you can increase your video viewers by using this campaign.

4.      Store traffic: If you are the owner of a restaurant or gaming club and want people to visit your place for a celebration or have fun, In this case, it will help you.

Audience Targeting:

After choosing the right campaign type for your marketing needs, we have come upon the audience targeting, the backbone of Facebook ads. Audience targeting enables you to create a specific and potential user set which brings genuine leads. While targeting your audience you should have to an accurate mindset and exact persona about your target i.e. customers, in simple words who they are, their interests, how they behave on Facebook and the duration for which they are online, etc.

Build your Adset step by step properly:

1.      Give some unique name to your Adset that is not confusing for you, & could be remembered easily because I have seen many marketers and other individuals do not fill out this column, so Facebook automatically fetches it and this looks like IN – 18+. Therefore give a name to your Adset. Here you can use Date, Short name of your campaign, anything that you like.

2.      Set ad delivery optimization; this option helps you to choose the most suitable method for your ads to give you a perfect ROI. There are three methods i.e. Post Engagement, Daily Unique Reach and Impression. You have to choose one of them.

3.      Click on next. Now, how will you get charged by Facebook? This is a strategy based on your goal. Example If you are running an Ad for your E-commerce website and your goal is to maximize the traffic. You might choose Click, this means Facebook will charge you in accordance with the number of clicks you get. The same goes on with Impression Facebook charges you when your ads catch impressions. If you selected Reach, Facebook will deliver your ads to the maximum number of people and charge you per reach.

4.      Set Budget Daily or Lifetime; If you are beginner always go on with Daily option, choose the budget how much you can spend in a day. I would advise INR 500 because it is best for trial, rather you can say for a beginner. You can also schedule your budget. Many advertisers run their campaigns on Weekends. They are, usually, owners some of the club, restaurant or gaming center. So that’s why they prefer budget scheduling.

Ad Creation:

Now we have reached the 3rd and the last step in the process of ad creation. I call this last step Enchanter because it is the only thing which your audience will be able to see. Therefore, we try to make it catchy, unique, and creative as it is designed to catch the attention of users.

Please keep the following points in mind while creating ad copies:

1.      Always try to use ad image background white and text color black with some exclusive fonts.

2.      Use animated humans in your ads copy’s image.

3.      Offer some coupons, deals or cashback discounts in your ad and use these in your 1st text line because they will seek attention. You can bold it to make it more attractive.

4.      Make the landing page simple, classy and mobile-friendly try to put some inspirational quotes on the page.

5.      Try to run some carousel ads with some high-quality pictures. Users are spending more time in carousel ads as compared to image ads.

6.      Going with video ads can be work nowadays because when I see my Facebook feed I can only see an ocean of video ads.

Always try doing some experiments with your ads. This can teach you things in a better way than the books ever could.





Facebook Ads are paid messages written in the voice of a business that helps you reach the people who matter most. Advertisers create campaigns with specific goals, called advertising goals, and create ads within those campaigns to help reach those goals.