SERP Notification Ranking Tool with An Email Alarm Setting

Richard Fernando
19 de October 2022
Richard Fernando  190 points  Contributor
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Do you search for a SERP notification ranking tool that alerts you with an alarm set when there is a change on SERP? If yes, then try Serpple, a SERP notification tool that notifies you with an email alarm setting when there is a change of progress in your project and you can enable or disable it at your convenience. And the scheduled report feature in this SERP notification ranking tool helps you to get the custom report to your email and a few other recipients. This tool provides you overall organic performance score based on your rankings, improved and declined keywords in ranking after every refresh, an instant refresh option to refresh your keywords rankings on demand, a competitor analysis feature to track your SERP competitors, and many other valuable features available. This SERP notification ranking tool has a free plan too. Therefore track your keyword rankings and get notified when there is a change in SERP with this accurate SERP notification ranking tool.