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25 de November 2013
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IDOM London

IE School of Architecture and Design welcomes you to participate in  the IDOM-London Work & Study Scholarship Competition

We believe that the design of future work environments goes beyond the traditional understanding of offices and the workplace. In fact, the fast changes in the definition of work space itself have led to a situation in which companies, entrepreneurs and professionals seek new physical and digital environments where ideas can grow and talent is activated.

The London office of the multinational engineering and architecture firm IDOM is fully committed with this new work paradigm and is trying to reward young talented architects from all over the world.

To do so, IDOM’s London Office offers one full-time 6 months paid internship at their premises whilst undertaking the post graduate program Master in Work Space Design (MWSD) with a 50% scholarship over the tuition fees also covered by IDOM.

For more information on IDOM, please, visit

The MWSD starts in Madrid in February 2014, and the placement in London the month after. The internship has a potential extension to keep working at IDOM-London, where candidates will be able to put into practice their new expertise in work place environments.

In order to apply for this competition, candidates have to comply with the following:

1/ To be admitted in the program, fulfilling all the steps of the admissions process.

2/ To submit the following documents in Pdf format:

   -  CV + Portfolio of Works and Projects

   -  Cover Letter explaining the reasons why the candidate wishes to undertake the internship and the scholarship.

Please send the submissions to our Admissions Director at:

The submissions deadline is Friday the 13st of December 2013 at 14:00 hours Madrid Time.

The awarded candidate will be notified within the following week.

Please, follow this link to receive further information about our program and application process.



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