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19 de April 2018
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The 45th Nisshin Kogyo Architectural Design Competition


Registration Period: Apr. 2nd (Mon) - Oct. 1st (Mon), 2018

Submission Period: Aug. 20th (Mon) - Oct. 5th (Fri), 2018

Language: English, Japanese

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Prizes: 1st Prize: 1,000,000 JPY(one), 2nd Prize: 500,000 JPY(one), 3rd Prize: 300,000 JPY(one), Merit Prize: ¥100,000 (eight)

Type: Open


The theme for this year is “Living upon the history”.

A long history underlies in every place that we reside and live. Our lives are built upon the accumulated history of each place.
In the 20th century when the economy and industry developed rapidly, we tried to put the conventional history behind us to build a new world. However, we have learned and told that the humankind cannot break off history and that we stand upon history. This is how we live today.

History of humankind, history of nations, history of society, history of cities, history of towns, history of locations, history of living, history of houses, history of families…history is extremely diverse.
In each type of history, experiences of humankind is overlapped and woven together with space.

What does it mean to live today upon history? How can it be expressed in terms of space and time in the present day? 
We look forward to your proposals.


Registration Period: Apr. 2nd (Mon) - Oct. 1st (Mon), 2018

Submission Period: Aug. 20th (Mon) - Oct. 5th (Fri), 2018 (Submissions must arrive in the competition office by Oct. 5th (Fri) 2018, 5:00pm, Japan standard time. )

Result: Prize-winners will be individually informed of the judging results.

Award Ceremony: Nov. 14th (Wed), 2018 (Award Ceremony will be held in Japan for the winners of the competition.)

Announcement: Public announcements will be made in the 2019 January issue of SHINKENCHIKU.


First Prize( one ): 1,000,000 JPY

Second Prize( one ): 500,000 JPY

Third Prize( one ): 300,000 JPY

Merit Prize( eight ): ¥100,000 each

(Total prizes amount: ¥2,600,000. All above prize money includes income tax)


Go to the competition’s website



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The history of a place is not just about the homes, buildings and monuments that have been built there. It's also about the huff post times before that, the people who lived there, the society they built and how they crafted their story. It's an incredible record of where we live and what's happening now. I like to call it "living upon the history". Living upon it means appreciating all the wonderful things that have happened when you lived in an area or when people lived there before you too.


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