To Improve Local Search Rankings, Use These 8 Local SEO Tips

Ahmad Sultan
22 de February 2022
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How can a small company increase its internet visibility? Look no farther than the local search pack, which is made up of Google My Business (GMB) profiles highlighting significant local companies in the searcher's vicinity. Small and local companies benefit from local search results because they level the playing field. When a small firm competes against a giant corporation, ranking for competitive keywords might be difficult. So, if a small company wants to increase its exposure via local search, where should they begin? We contacted eight search engine optimization professionals and small company owners for local SEO advice to assist us answer this issue. 

Here are some tips on how to increase your local search rankings:


  • Relevant Profiles:
  • Respond to Google Reviews
  • Review Requests
  • Analysis of Competitors
  • Create Online Consistency
  • Create City Pages
  • Understanding Local Customer Intentions
  • Hyper-Localized Content


React to Google Customer Reviews

Make sure you react to all Google Reviews, good or poor, to optimise your local SEO efforts. Businesses should communicate with consumers by replying to reviews that they leave about your company, according to Google. Responding to reviews demonstrates that you care about your consumers and the comments they provide about your company. ' When your consumers and customers have faith in you, search engines will have faith in you as well. Responding to reviews raises your company's exposure and enhances the chances of a prospective consumer doing business with you.  


According to Google, relevance, prominence, and distance are used to establish local SEO rankings. The best approach to ensure that your GMB profile is relevant, according to Google, is to 'provide comprehensive and thorough company information to help Google better understand your business and match your profile to relevant queries.' Claim your listing as the first step in the process. Once that's done, double-check your name, address, and phone number (NAP), as well as your company hours, category, and services. Keeping your Google My Business page optimised and up to date with the most up-to-current information helps guarantee that you remain relevant to individuals looking for your services locally.  

Review Requests

It's important to get feedback! Knowing that review count and score are taken into account when determining local search results, it's critical to reach out to your client base and request authentic feedback. Try to do it naturally at first, even if it seems strange. Don't be hesitant to provide a link to a review page in response to an email thanking you for your product or service. Don't undervalue the importance of reviews for local SEO, and ask for them as frequently as possible.  

Analysis of Competitors

 I'd start by looking at the competition. Examine what is working (or not working) for other local firms in your industry. To better satisfy the demands of your consumers, you'll also want to have performed demographic research on the region. Last but not least, keyword research is critical in any SEO plan.  

Make a city page

Creating GEO or city pages is an excellent strategy to boost local SEO. These web pages or blog entries are part of a larger content marketing strategy. In the search results, the keyword is the name of the city you wish to advertise. If you want to market your services in Dallas, Texas, for example, you want the service's name and location to show on the website numerous times. The city should appear once in the title, once in a subheading, once in the introduction paragraph, and two to three times more throughout the piece, according to experts. I hope this information is useful. If you have any questions, please contact me.  

Consistency on the Internet

 Unfortunately, we had to learn the hard way how to improve our local SEO. To be at the top of the local search pages, it took us around six months to find out that we needed to hire a local SEO specialised service like Brightlocal. For starters, Brightlocal, Moz local, and other similar services will ensure that your name, physical location, web address, and phone number are all featured in every local search engine. They may also help you manage many sites in the same city or state, which might be difficult if you've done it before.  

Content that is hyper-localized

 Hyper-localization may help small businesses enhance their local SEO significantly. Start with a realistic keyword strategy if you want to be successful with hyper-localization. The intersection of keyword search volume and domain authority is where a viable keyword strategy may be found (DA). You should target keywords with monthly search volumes of fewer than 1000 for most small enterprises, which often have domain authorities of less than 50. After you've finished your keyword approach, create an 800-1000-word quality article with portions that may be hyper-localized, such as neighbourhood, suburb, and city. Hyper-localization only works if you can give particular insights for that place, therefore make sure you know all there is to know about it.  

Recognize the Goals of Local Customers

 The key to good SEO is to employ the appropriate keywords in the right context in as many places as feasible. Include keywords in the description and provide your viewers as much information as feasible. Many small companies fail to update their shop hours or write postings, both of which may be done via your Google My Business profile. Consider your target audience and how they could search for you. You'll be able to develop keywords that will make you more prominent online after you understand their aim and objective. 

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Ahmad Sultan is a founding member of Mighty Warners, a digital marketing firm that uses organic search to link small companies with consumers. He appreciates transforming small company owner thoughts into high-quality writing for companies.



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