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10 de December 2020
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Architecture is a multi-linear process. A combination of architecture and nature, will always respond to society and its needs.

Integrating nature and society into architecture.

Architecture is a multidimensional process. Numerous factors affecting this process such as appropriateness, function, aesthetics, short and long term environmental consequences of the design, ergonomics, sustainability, quality etc. Due to the project approach, the greater the impact of factor, the higher its priority.
First, the assessment was performed to investigate site features. Site’s natural environment, climate risk, plant species diversity, water availability, site topography and the slope and terrain of its mountainous area were the main unique features of the site.
Attention to the sustainability pillars has been the main approach of the project. Social, environmental and economic considerations, especially their interaction as the basis of sustainability concept, received thoughtful attention. Specially, the social factors reflected by considering the different levels of users and their economic conditions and activities.
Accordingly, by exploring the relationship between the elements of the project, adaption of the natural environment with social and cultural priorities was concentrated as a unique characteristic of project.
For instance, this project tries to reflect some aspects of social life. There is a social interaction and constant dialogue between the outside and the inside space. Since, humans need to interact with the environment, therefore, the environment flexibility of the project offers an acceptable visual view and creates an atmosphere of interaction between people and the environment.
As well, attention to the sun’s rays direction, the desired slope and trying to minimize the slope change based on the stepped architecture that is specific to mountainous areas, caused the creation of forms and spaces that are open to nature. The unique situation of project places the residential suites in a special location in terms of light and landscape.
Integrating nature and society into architecture is a basis for the development of a sustainable design and is an appropriate choice to admire and respect the nature.




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