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01 de June 2021
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Structures are part of everyday human life. Different people hold different opinions, beliefs and perspective regarding structures, building and architecture as a whole. This can be evidenced from the belief and thoughts of a variety of authors. One thing is evident though; there is a mystery that surrounds architecture. Like any other field or profession, architecture carries a sense of professionalism and human aesthetic consideration. The use of architecture can be used to mark boundaries and convey a sense of understanding. Unlike primitive paintings, which are merely an art, architecture has more intrinsic value. According to the author of The Eiffel Tower and Other Mythologies, it is evident that architecture can be used to promote and project a sense of symbolism to individuals and city dwellers. It brings a sense of harmony and peaceful coexistence. The role that architecture plays in human existence is the whole reason behind its existence and maturity. It is also the reason that it continues to thrive like a tree by the waters.

Understanding the reason behind the existence of architecture enables readers conceptualize and comprehend the sole reason and the role it plays in the human existence. As the author of 'Give Me a Gun and I Will Make All Buildings Move: an Ant's View of Architecture' argues, this understanding will help individuals realize that buildings are not static objects as they appear. However, they are dynamically moving projects in slow motion from the perspective of an architect. The transformation of buildings takes place in and out. To understand buildings as moving projects and to convey this message to the user, the author develops a theory that enhances this effect. This is the architecture theory. Understanding buildings eliminates the various contradictions that are posed by different individuals. Viewing them as dynamic projects cements the argument of the article 'Wallpaper Person: Notes on the Behavior of a New Species,' where the author claims that tracing the development of architecture enhances and promotes an understanding of where the human race has reached in evolving. History plays a major role in the life of humanity. As a result, tracing the history in terms of architecture provides an understanding of the human quest for better, stronger and more appealing buildings.

There exists a relationship between architectural and artistic works. One of the fundamental resemblances is that the two can be used for aesthetic purposes. However, while one is solely used for communication, the other does more than communicate. According to Translations from Drawing to Building, the author outlines the meaning of translation and notes how the process has a higher probability of introducing unexpected changes to the original message. In the same way, he argues that some meaningful information may be lost from the intended drawing plan of the architecture to the final implementation of the plan. Effective structures are deployed once the intended message of the architecture was properly understood and implemented. The risk of misrepresentation of a drawing to a final structure is high since, unlike in writing, it lacks some explicit peculiar values to be captured in a drawing despite it being overvalued. The author embarks on an investigation of the role played by drawings in architecture. The author makes various citations including Paul Valery's words 'seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees.' This argument clearly shows that architecture drawings are meant to convey both the superficial and the innate messages of the architect. Care has to be taken to ensure that misinterpretation of the intended message does not occur. This is because if misinterpreted, there will be a misrepresentation of the message in the structure. Unlike in a painting, where the unwanted message can be scrapped, misrepresentation of architectural intention will result into losses and overhead cost while trying to redo the mistake. Drawings are major contenders rivaling the verbal and visible art of communication. There is a thin line of difference between the two. Unlike the latter, they carry a meaning both hidden and explicit. This is a role of architecture ' communication.

This theory has further been augmented by Susan Sontag, In Plato's Cave from the Book: Photography. She argues that pictures provide a different mode of communication that has revolutionized the modern world. They portray and convey a variety of messages based on priority and ethics. The author portrays images as objects. They possess a sentimental value of storage and the mystery that curves the understanding of the modern world. Photography is an act of power; one that enables an individual to be in contact with the world. According to the author, it is what connects the past with the present.

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