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01 de April 2023
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We Have consistently adhered to the 'customer first' philosophy. We are the best at understanding traveller demands because to our 14 years in the automobile rental business. This is why we make a strong effort to offer a dependable and hassle-free travel experience. Our basic beliefs include openness in billing and safety on the roadways. Chennai To Pondicherry Taxi. We make sure that everyone who rides one of our cabs from Chennai to Coimbatore has a wonderful experience. We are taking the required steps to provide clean, safe cabs to our passengers during the epidemic, when safety is the top concern of travellers. Our drivers are educated and trained to follow the rules set forth by the government to preserve personal and vehicle hygiene, and our cabs are sanitised before and after each ride.




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When it comes to planning a trip from Chennai to Pondicherry, ST Tours and Travels provides a seamless experience by offering reliable taxi services. Along with the convenience of booking a taxi online, ST Tours and Travels also provides Virtual Tours for those who want to explore their travel destination before reaching there physically. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service, ST Tours and Travels ensures that travelers have a safe and comfortable journey.


Safety remains a paramount concern, and it's encouraging to note that Ford has taken this into account.


I am completely satisfied with the service quality and the friendliness of the driver. ST Tours and Travels provided a comfortable and safe journey from Chennai to Pondicherry.