11 Things One Should Keep In Mind While Hiring The Best PR Agency In Delhi For Your Brand!

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30 de August 2020
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Delhi is the capital of India; it is rich in every manner. Either it is culture, food, monuments, etc. The same way Delhi, NCR, is a hub for business as well. 

A number of corporate houses have their head office in Delhi NCR. Due to which many PR companies also exist in the city. This particularly makes it difficult for the brands to choose the Best PR Agencies in Delhi for PR activities.

Hereby, I am trying to put down 11 points that one should keep in mind while looking for the Best PR Agency in Delhi for your brand.

1. Case Studies

2. Media Relations

3. Strategic Caliber

4. Out of Box Idea

5. Strategic Content Creation

6. No of Yrs of Experience

7. Company Profile

8. Clientele

9. Media Plan

10. Research

11. Market & Client Understanding.

So Let’s Start From The Beginning.



1. Case Studies- Every PR agency builds it’s a brand based upon their work. Case studies are there to showcase the successful campaign done by the brad. The same case studies can become your reference to understand the past work of the agency. Case studies based on the brands based out in Delhi can also give you an idea about the roadmap and strategy developed by the agency. Therefore a case study can be a good reference point.

2. Media Relations- Media Relations is key for PR activity. Without having good media relations, getting good coverage is not an easy task. Many PR agencies in Delhi promises to have good media relations but only the Best PR agency in Delhi can reap the benefit for you with its media relations. It takes yrs to develop media relations. Hence while hiring a PR company a brand should focus on media relations of the agency.

3. Strategic Calibre- PR is not just about building relations with media. Building relations with media is important but without strategic amplification, it does not work. Deciding on the kind of media coverage is required to play a vital role. Imagine your audience reads Xnewspaper but you are getting coverage in Y newspaper. Then it is never going to be beneficial for your brand. Hence, evaluating strategic caliber while hiring an agency is important.



4. Out of Box Idea- Today the attention span of humans has decreased drastically. It has also changed the storytelling. Now stories have to be interesting. If it is not interesting for people will not spend time reading/watching the same. Hence for the PR agency to survive in this competitive communication field, an agency should have a team of thinkers. It is a job of creative thinkers to come up with such out of box ideas that should attract the eyeballs. Out of box ideas also helps media penetration as media always welcomes out of box ideas.

Keeping the same while hiring a PR Companies should look for an agency with thinkers.



5. Strategic Content Creation – In PR activity, providing information does not work. In PR to impress the media contacts, one should develop content that is interesting and newsworthy. The content should also match the goal of the clients. At the same point in time, it should also serve the purpose of our communication. Only strategically placed content works in PR. So to create the buzz around the business while hiring an agency; a client should focus on this part as well.

6. No of Years of Experience- Many people don’t agree on this part. They love to work with young minds. I completely agree with the young mind part, but why I mentioned this point here because it is so important to have an experience of strategic PR. Many virtues can be only acquired with experience. Like, understanding of the specific industry. If a person does not spend much time in understanding the industry, it becomes a painful job. Hence, while hiring the Best PR Agencies in Delhi, a brand should consider this as an element.

7. Company Profile- A profile of any company is like a portfolio of the brand. It showcases the journey of the PR agency. It consists of all kinds of valuable information that is important for you to hire an agency. Company profiles also consist of testimonials and references. This can guide you better about the market position of the agency.

8. Clientele- Past Clientele showcases the experience with the sector. If an agency works with good clients and creates successful case studies it does showcase that the agency is successful. Clientele also tells us about the credibility of the agency. An agency creates its credibility in years. A good list of clientele also creates faith in the agency. Hence, while hiring the best pr agency in Delhi, clientele matters. And if the clientele is based out in Delhi then the trust factor goes rocket hight.

9. Media Plan– As mentioned above that the media relations and strategy play an important role. On the same line, a specific media plan talks about the roadmap. PR is not easy to understand. Its tools are mostly not clear to a normal audience. Therefore it becomes important to create a roadmap and decide that where are we heading!

Media plan consists of many tactics; like relationship-building meetings, industry story participation, press release dissemination, event participation, authored article, etc . the assimilation of these tactics creates a roadmap for the client.

so, while hiring a PR agency the brand should always ask fora media plan beforehand. It also provides us the information about how much an agency knows about the brand. And are they clear about the short term, long term goals, and objectives?



10. Research – Research is the strength of PR. Yes to create a good pr roadmap, the agency has to do extensive research. Research about competitors, target groups, media plays a vital role in creating a pr campaign. Without doing extensive research its not at all possible. Generally, every PR agency researches the client, but only the best PR agency in Delhi researches competition. Why is it important to research competitors?

The answer is very simple; this is the only way one can understand the brand equity of the competitors in the market. It also provides valuable information about the brand.

11. Market & Client Understanding – A publicist has to be smart to understand the market. Market and trend change rapidly. It depends on the PR people to research, analyze, and then deliver about the subject. Reading about market analysis, trend, etc helps in understanding the market and plan the campaign better. Like, right now the entire country is suffering from coronavirus but Delhi has seen curb in the number of patients per day. Now Due to this, the market started opening, and then the market situation changes. Like small events started happening online. People started going out but not entirely. Now if as a PR agency you do a story you need to do a story in a positive sense. Hence, while hiring the best PR agency in Delhi a brand needs to focus on this as well.

All the above-mentioned points will help a company in hiring and understanding the PR company better. This will help an entrepreneur in the decision-making process. We at Twenty7 Inc. The Best PR Agency in Delhi has developed some wonderful success stories.

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