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BAOBAB - Tree of Life

IWC - 1230
Universidad San Pablo Ceu Madrid, EPS / es Spain
3 members
Luis Garcia Grech
alberto gonzalez
alvaro garcia-murillo

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“If we kill off the wild, then we are killing a part of our souls”
-Jane Goodall -

One of the major reasons to come to Africa is to see wildlife. There can be few thrills in life that equal driving round a corner and encountering a pride of lions strolling along the road in front of you – unless it is an elephant cow with her tiny calf, or maybe a fish eagle performing its haunting call before catching its dinner, or seeing a cheetah outrun an impala, or ......

Conceived as a Baobab, the center works as a living tree using sustainable materials and energy to coexist with the preexisting habitat and fauna with the minimum impact, helping improving the wildlife and its relationship with the human being.

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