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BaBH - 1122
Politécnica de Madrid / es Spain
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Javier Torres Navarro
Sandra Castro Sánchez
Sofia Calvo

Project type:
Espacios Públicos

We find the opportunity areas location in San Francisco’s East Coast piers and reactivate them through a reticle of intelligent poles and a topography. With this forest of pillars, we get the place’s energy and facts, to transform them into information, improvement and specialisation of the experience and the system itself.
By reading the context, we obtain valuable information that is used in our proposal: the reticle as a consequence of SF orthogonal town planning, the undulating topography as its famous hills and the plant species from the Golden Gate Park Conservatory of Flowers.
The fog is equally a main character, Karl @karlthefog, it is an advection fog produced in the coast that we use, along the rainwater, to keep the garden and facilities.
Sustainability is the unifying thread in our proposal, we have planned a self-sufficient system made up of two independent circuits:
LIGHT: this group of masts receive solar energy and transforms it into artificial light (beacon markers), electricity and information through the screens with which the user interacts.
These pillars provide access to present information as the city’s cultural guide, they allow us to look up the main SF libraries digitized archives and we can also programme scenes for events and expositions in their screens and lights.
WATER: this pole typology is specialised in getting the fog’s water, controlling the quantity and consistency of the phenomenon, to stock it up and irrigate the garden areas
We offer SF city a flexible, multicultural and environment respectful space, where learning, nature and art are combined.

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Third prize



Muy bonito


Good luck!


Nice project!


L'enhorabona nois, ben fet !!!




Molto bello!


Precioso proyecto


Gran bel progetto ! Sobrio, sostenibile e con buon impatto urbanistico !


Great project!! elegant, smart , sustainable , green!!

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