Bay Book House

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BaBH - 1099
Lodz University of Technology / pl Poland
4 members
Anna Mrozek
Aleksandra Byrtek
Anna Barancewicz
Paulina Pawlata

Project type:

community: the primary aim of the project is to bring people together. that is the reason why in the central part of the public area there was designed the Forum - place where people can meet, read books and see or make performance.

availability: ramps designed on the public space and inside the building makes the communication within all the area convenient to everyone - also those with limited mobility.

education: top part of the building is an open space. it is the combo beetwen library and workshop where people can spend their free time on reading, working or exchanging ideas.

contact with nature: walk through the pier to the building is a journey between rounded green islands full of plants, trees and water.
thanks to the lifted part of the building it is possible to assure beautiful views on the bay and the city.

zoning: the building is splited on four parts: entrance zone, galleries, conference halls and book house. during the day all zones are available for visitors but at night only entrance zone is open, what enables to organize all-night events without possibility to entry rest of the building.

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