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BaBH - 1088
university of tehran / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
3 members
Borna Moinpour
Koosha Mirassadollahi
Parto Jahangiri

Project type:
Espacios Públicos

We are surrounded by an ocean of floating ideas; ideas that might seem unachievable individually, but can become a reality once they have been developed in a group.

San Francisco, a city with many start-ups growing every day, has the opportunity to accommodate new successful enterprises. This can be conceived through creating a dynamic platform for them to meet-up.

"COHEXISTENCE" is a dynamic media center designed for people to gather and share their ideas while helping them set their minds free, relax near the bay and watch the ocean. Cohexistence is divided into 3 zones (Entertainment, Media & Knowledge) and includes a café, a library, a knowledge exchange area and an open air theater with a water jet cinema screen.

With its modular design, Cohexistence can be easily extended when needed. Additionally, the modular design is very
economical due to the possibility of parts being produced and connected easily. Modules vary from the big hexagon shaped cores that create the cafe and the library, to small triangles for stairs and to rhombus shaped idea tubes that float and can
move around on water.

Idea tubes are situated on the east side of the project where people can either ride them around individually or connect them via magnet and communicate in a larger clone. The tubes are made out of recycled plastic and powered by fluctuation of waves in energy absorbing units.

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