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BaBH - 1065
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia / es Spain
4 members
Almudena Alarcón Ruiz
Astrid Carolina Periñan Escobar
Miguel Morillas Machetti
Simón Cebrián Saiz

Project type:
Espacios Públicos

San Francisco Bay is the gateway to the most populated city in the U.S. State of California, a cosmopolitan city, growing rapidly, at the forefront of research and increasingly eager of technological and intellectual expansion.

In this social context, finding shelter among the skyscrapers colonizing the city may be complicated. Pier 26 arises from the need to escape the hectic lifestyle in our cities, by setting up a garden in which we can get lost.

In order to adequately value and recall the history of San Francisco, the proposal is developed within the surrounding area of the old quay Pier 26, turning this abandoned and disused space into a new meeting point as a good escape from the stress of urban noise. In contrast to the skyscrapers all over San Francisco, the project dives into the sea. A public entrance Hall crossed by a perimeter park open to the bay, welcomes the visitors. In the inside, a big garden, offering a relaxing atmosphere as a suitable place to read, work in the cubicles, individually or as a group, do some research, exchange experiences and several other activities.

The industrial area of the Bay is transformed into a green spit of land which welcomes visitors, leading them into a real garden of knowledge, serving as a gathering point not only for interaction, leisure activities or as a place to rest and disconnect from the daily routine but also as an individual or collective workspace.

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Idea amplia, exquisita y limpia, una maravilla sin duda alguna, enhorabuena.


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