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BaBH - 1064
University of São Paulo / br Brazil
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Felipe Kilaris Gallani

Project type:
Reforma Y Rehabilitación

Pier 28 reimagined, reoccupied.
No more worryings about comings and goings. Staying is what matters.
A building for exchanging knowledge, not goods.
At the boundary between the city and nature, no new barrier is required.
On the contrary, only the public access and benefit.
New internal volumes draw a city that falls apart.
They determine a path to the end of the built territory.
From the city, one starts from the reception and a restaurant.
Then the extraordinary program.
The source and reference of knowloedge. Transparent.
Finally, the open space, contemplative.
The point at which one looks around and beyond.
Where it is possible to imagine the repetition of this approach
in several other buildings of the city.

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