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BaBH - 1051
Politecnico di Milano / it Italy
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Bianchi Matteo
Francesca Fantinato
Domenico Tirrito

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Edificios Públicos

The target of plan a Bay Book House is to found a new pole, a new central importance for the city of San Francisco.
The project idea is that to “exploit the grate-shaped structure of the city” the grate of the city, extending the road axes of itself on the docks 30/32. The building is then naturally created by the intersection of the axes of the roads, forming a prism that reflects itself on the waters of the bay and, at the same time, it looks for the dialogue with the rigid orthogonal american grate.
The urban front and the streets which intersect the waterfront are regenerated from green structured.
It begins from the height of the road along the waterfront and it constantly goes down through a ramp up to the entry of the building, recalling the main characteristic of the city: the steep inclination of San Francisco roads.
The Bay Book House, set in the square, introduces a plinth of the same material of the flooring that covers the ground floor. The inside organization of the building develops itself around a void.
Different loggias are situated on different heights, they frame the various scenaries of the city: from the american skyline, to the bridge and to the sight on the bay, but the most suggestive “empty” that the building offers is the prolongation of the auditorium that frames the whole port zone to South.
Steeples of different heights help in “strengthening” the propension of the building to stand out towards the BaBH. Finally, the building is covered with U-glass. This let the structure to be filled with light in every space on daytime and to become a “bright lantern” in the evening, like a new lighthouse and an iconic element that may represents the BaBH itself.

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