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BaBH - 1020
UPC (ETSAB) / es Spain
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Arnau Carbó Xalabarder
Maurici  Martínez Elias
Mireia Cervera

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Respect towards the previous buildings and their meaning for local culture is the reason to preserve their structure and restore their skin. The goal is to have an open space, possible because of the structure, that allows multipurpose areas.

Ephemeral architecture
Nowadays, more than ever, reality is constantly changing. A design that is able to constantly adapt to any event that a modern cultural centre has to offer is key. Conferences, lectures, meetings, debates, study sessions, etc., can be held there. They can all take place both individually or collectively as well as outdoors or indoors.

Wood and fabrics made from natural fibres alone are used to minimize the project’s environmental impact. It is also a way to relate the intervention to the natural landscape offered across the bridge not only visually, but also spiritually.

The chair
The chair is understood as the most elemental piece of furniture. The modular system in which the pieces are arranged allows us to build every other piece of furniture the project needs: tables, shelves, walls or stands.

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