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it Italy
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Maria Giardina

Project type:
Edificios Públicos

The project includes the redevelopment of the context using sustainable
elements. The water is the natural element that characterizes and unifies
the general plan and aggregation of the existing buildings.The project is
inspired by the colours of the houses and Carnival of Tenerife.
On the ground there are flowers arranged in a colour scheme and design,
local ceramic elements and wood. As sustainable element there is
a large roof garden that unifies the existing building for the Health Center
of Thalassotherapy.In the roof there are two building: a panoramic restau-
rant and a multi-use space for convention,expo, both covered with solar
panels. The existing houses will be in part changed with the insertion in
both sides of wall gardens and the roof will be made of a single flap and
cover with solar panels. They will become a residence hotel for the centre.
All the landscape is designed for pedestrian use and the parking is under-
ground.Important elements are leaf shaped shelter that become alive with
different angles and will be used for shade, lighting by solar energy made
by photovoltaic cells and to recover rainwater.Explain your proposal

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