Beca Arquideas 2013

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B2013 - 1374
ISCTEM / mz Mozambique
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Azmeer Banoo

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The design concept is to make it clear the relation between thalasso and the sea, bringing the sea waves and foam bubles into the design of the centre.
All of the spaces will be around a central patio with a swiming pool. There are circles around this pool that will be the sun decks for rellaxation.
The Acess to the center starts from the parking and then:
- Administration block locates in front but on the right side (so that who need information can acess directly and who wants the uses of the centre can easly acessthe uses down mentioned);
- Main Area and Restaurant blocks are in front also for easy acess;
- Multi uses blocks are next (1block for conventions, 1block for yoga);
- And finally thalasso blocks are behind to bring more privacy and feelings like calmness, well being, etc...
The thalasso blocks are separated in 4 types:
- Normal Massages;
- Showers and Saunas;
- Pools;
- Oriental Therapies
The buildings are modular with diferent uses. The design of the oppenings reminds the sea waves supporting a base that reminds thalasso beds, and the texture of external walls preserves the traditional style of Canary Islands.
All of the buildings and the patio are covered with a ondulated structure with circular perforations of ETFE. This cover has Solar panels on top and collects the stormwaters draining with embeded conduits under the pilars for the use of the centre.
Taking into account of the high level of urban residue of Tenerife, the option is to recycle selected waste for the use in the decoration of certain internal spaces.

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