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B2013 - 1261
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (UPM) / es Spain
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Elisa Pozo Menéndez

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Sense & Sensibility

The whole thalassotherapy centre is considered as a temple for the senses. The principal aim of this project is to consider all our senses in the design of the spaces and the environment. That leads us to think carefully about materials, vegetation, environmental issues, air purity and local techniques.

First of all, we should consider sight as one of the most important senses as we received so many information through our eyes. Colours, textures and contrast between different elements are taking into account in order to design spaces. All the flowers and vegetation species have bright colours which make a big difference with the main materials used in the constructions: stone and wood.

Hearing is also very important in order to keep our state of calm. That's why we have thought about spaces where we can find wild nature and meet there the whisper of the trees, melody of water flows and birds trills.

We must make a brief point in taste too, as it is the basis for a healthy body, but also for a healthy mind. The energy we take from food should come from local and seasonal products. So it is reacquired that the restaurant offers the best quality of these ones.

Smell plays a fundamental role to make the environment attractive to the visitors. There is so many information that we perceive through this sense even though we don't usually consider it. So we have decide the organization of the vegetal species according to their mains properties (smell, colour, size, if they have flowers or don't), and the kind of space we are thinking about (staying, sports, relaxing, activities...).

Finally, touch is taking into account to decide the materials used for each different type of space: connection (wood), resting inside (stone and wood) or resting outside (vegetation and wood).

As we look for a sustainable project, we preserve all the old structures which will held the main programme of the centre. Two more buildings are added in order to enlarge the multi-functional spaces, but as they are placed where old buildings where projected, those structures can be used too.

Several paths link all the buildings. They are walkways made of pine wood, which not only is it a local material, but it also brings a special smell to the project, which is one of the things we are looking for, as we have mentioned before. The density, orientation and position of the logs it's essencial to control the smell, wind blows and sights we perceive.

Saving and optimizing energy is also an important issue, so all the energy installations are into the same building. This will save space and make the energy production easier.

All together will bring us an ideal complex where we can find silence, calm and harmony that will help us to find ourselves.

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