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B2013 - 1106
University of Strathclyde / it Italy
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stefano giordano

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The approach to the project is strongly influenced by the pre-existences on the site.
A first idea to re-use all the existing structures with minimal changes left place to a second hypothesis to keep only the position of the existing structures and therefore the existing foundations.
The overall project deal with the need of order in opposition to the chaos and causality that characterises the existing structures.
The landscape and the architecture are fused in this attempt.
The existing structures became like the rocks in the bosco sacro in bomarzo, which were left in their original position and engraved in situ. Similarly the existing structure became the rough material that is engraved from inside creating a diversity of spaces, particularly in the swimming pools. The portico and the gardens are designed with references to the Baroque style: the strong geometry is an attempt to create a sense of order that the place lacks. At the same time they make the circulation easy through the buildings

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