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CaVA - 1354
UNIFRA / br Brazil
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Uilian Marconato
Gustavo Pessini
Vinicius Farias

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The Grand Canyon is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is one of the most wanted destinations by tourists looking for extreme sports or just for contemplation.
With easy access due to its proximity to the cities of Page and Tuba City - Arizona, which have good airline and road infrastructure, the building will be located in the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon, which has no buildings that offer lodging services and contemplation of the landscape. Thinking about these aspects, the project excels at not visually assaulting the scenery, but gently merging into the Colorado River Canyon, becoming part of it and not a disfigured fragment of it.
One point to be explored by the project is the fact that at night the stars are better perceived than close to the great urban centers, guiding the concept of edification.
The fact that the search for tourism in extreme temperatures ends up decreasing must be taken into account, since it makes the outcome to the local economy uneven throughout the year. Seeking to balance these differences and keeping a relatively high number of tourists in all seasons, the proposal is to implement a thermally thought accommodation.

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