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APP - 1264
Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid / es Spain
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Rafael Laredo Finke

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The aim of the project is to create a hotel, a convention center, offices, parking and a shopping area in front of the bullring of Ventas, located in Madrid. The site is a fundamental fact for the accomplishment of the project. The intervention is located in the limit of the M30 motorway, beside Alcala Street, northerly appears the bullring of Ventas, southerly the park of Fuente del Berro that is disrupted by the building site. These aspects provide the site a character of urban gate. Away from all of these aspects, nowadays it is a unstructured site.

We can distinguish an area of urban consideration and also other of architectual proposal. At the urban scale, the intervention followed these general lines: to intensify the character of Alcala Street, to clean the elements that distort the site, to make the continuity of the Fuente del Berro park, and to modify the road network in order to make more permeable the pedestrian routes. Secondly, there is an architectual intervention in the site occupied by the underground of Madrid garages. The proposal is to create an hybrid complex of services with the intention to be the union of different urban realities. The construction wants to settle in the site with an urban logic keeping in mind the environment but at the same time having an urban presence. The project is to divide the program into different separate prismatic blocks. These pieces are interrelated by a basement, bond of union of the group and the main floor of the convention centre. So it is performed a treatment of the ground generating a great platform where the buildings take place and emerge like big boxes of glass.

The set is formed by three big pieces. The first one is the hotel, a 21-storey building divided into different zones in order to respond the program require, hotel rooms, lounges, a sport zone, different restaurants and a swimming pool. The second one is part of the convention centre and the offices, joined by the last floor with a garden roof. The convention centre is a 4-storey building with different types of conference room and a big hall connected to the hotel. The office is a 5-storey building with a central core and the offices around it. At the back and crossing a large door in the axix of the main door of the bullring of Ventas appears the great multipurpose room emerging from the basement.

Features it is designed to minimise adverse climatic effects. The facade has a double function, structural and compositional. All the building is made by concrete and sheet steel painted facade that provides the final image of the construction. The enclosure are prefabricated panels that controls the climate confort inside the building.

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