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APP - 1259
Escuela Politécnica Superior de Arquitectura Universidad de Alicante / es Spain
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Lola Hoya Esclapez

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The origin of this final project has it point of departure in a stong entailment with the commercial sphere. During my architectural education I discovered the comercial urbanism and started to perceive the trade as a urban reactivation and dinamization tool. This comprenhension began in Paris, visiting its arcades, neighbourhoods and discovering its literature , specifically, the Flâneur of Baudelaire , with whom I find out a strong linkage. My starting point ,a remarkable controversy, the “monopoly” of “ La Jeune Rue” (Paris). This Final Project draws, maps, reproduces... the Flâneur´s scenarios in three scales: the neighbourhood, the street and the places. The neighbourhood as a social-commercial ecosystem , the street as a incubator of sensations, the drift´s junctions, the exchanges ...

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