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San Pablo CEU / es Spain
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Talía  Pérez

Project type:
Cultural Y Espectáculos

The main concepts in which this project is based are an urban implantation strategy, a study of the child´s scale and the integration of innovative structural elements.

Regarding the urban aspect, what the project searches is to reactivate and improve the area of study, creating a new focus of activities and improving the connexion to Paseo de la Florida street. The Child`s factory of Art will create a platform filled with activity, entertainment and spectacle, using the city as an active part of the factory´s performance.

The child´s scale is directly related to the urban scale, as the children can attract the city´s attention using their activities. A conceptual path for the children is also included in the design of the Factory, to facilitate them the learning along with the fun. 3 phases are considered for this conceptual path: a world of entertainment and games linked to the spectacle, a didactic classroom area and finally the representation of the spectacle

The Child´s Factory of Art project is the result of a multidisciplinary investigation focused on the creation of an space thought for the child, and it´s formalization through an structure and a building.

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